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ASMHS01. Wetsuit Heater Pack

Feeling the Cold!

Hotsuits – Wetsuit Heater and Kidney Belt, is a heating device designed to keep you warm by covering the kidneys with a heating pad. This  chemical pad is contained within a one-size fits-all neoprene covered waistbelt.

Once energised - by the click of a disc - it will radiate heat at 50 degc for approximately 1 hour. The heaters can be re-energised by boiling in water for fifteen minutes.

These wetsuit heaters have picked up countless awards, featured at many trade shows, and have been tested by hundreds of people.

Hotsuits® Heated Kidney Belts quite simply allow you to spend more time in the water. You will be more comfortable, as well as giving you the opportunity to get in/on the water more often.



Price: 54 Euro (vat incl.)


Kidney Belt

Heat Pack

Recharge Pack

ASMHS01. Kidney Belt + Heat Pack + Recharge Pack.

Price: 54 Euro (vat incl.)

ASMHS02. Additional Heater Packs available.

Price: 21 Euro (vat incl.) each.


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